PT3D Links

You can find links to all the sites I've developed online over the course of 30-odd years, in the banner ad on the home page here, or on the home page of the Prawn Shop. But of course there are other links on other sites. 

My PT3D models you'll be able to find at Creality Cloud, Thingiverse, Thangs, Cults3d, Prusamodels, Youmagine, and myminifactory and my own personal models also at Creality Cloud, Thingiverse, Thangs, Cults3d, Prusamodels, Youmagine, and myminifactory. (As soon as each turns into a link, of course. I first have to get them sorted out and placed under the relevant

I have multiple Youtube channels - the channel for PrawnTech3D you have probably already seen, but I also have a personal channel on Youtube, and an auxiliary PT3D channel. The primary PrawnTech3D is also mirrored at Twitch and a few other sites I'll link to here.

Also of course there's sites like Patreon, BuyMeACoffee, Ko-Fi, and similar sites. And presences on github, hackaday, bitbucket (proudly supporting the Aussie CVS/repo site, natch) and Instructables etc. As I neaten these all up and make them presentable for the wider public, their links will appear on this page.

(14 Sept 2021: At this point I'm officially snowed under - most people are flat out just starting a Youtube channel 
- I've set myself the ambitious target of starting several Youtube channels concurrently, create a web presence for
it, build out a web shop and several physical outlets, design and print a series of my own models, start a not for
profit recycling project that has huge ramifications for the world - if it takes off - keep a blog on COVID-19 news
and ideas, and keep all my old blogs up and running and refreshed. I'm nothing if not stupid... hehehehe... 
Anyway - stay tuned and don't toiuch that dial.