So, What Could PP-RCX look like? 

To start with, the main thing(s) we would do as a Precious Plastic Collection Point is make people in town and surrounds aware that we're doing something about recycling our local plastic waste. It's going to be hard in the beginning. But before we even start we need some facilities. 

  • We need a place to collect plastics. If we're just collecting then that can be as simple as a prominent place to set up a collection point where people can bring their plastic rubbish and pre-sort it into containers. I imagine Mitchell House would let us put some containers and a sign or two around, and by speaking to the operators of the Malls around the place, we could expand that as we go. We could also prehaps speak to the Shire and ask if we could set up public plastic collection points. The more collection spaces there are, the more PR we attract and the more public awareness of the problems of plastic waste we generate.
  • We need the containers. In most collection hubs the standard is to use bags like wool bales with light frames, but this could only be done if we have a physical space of our own to spread out a bit as they're bulky. 

With collection points comes the need for a bit of public education and some PR for ourselves. If each collection point has clear simple instructions on which plastics to put in which container, and how to clean and separate it - so that, for example, bottles go in the PET container and the lids in the HDPE container and shopping bags go into the soft plastic container, labels are as far as possible removed / peeled off, and so forth - if we can manage this much public education then our job of recycling becomes that much easier.

(Slogans: "Everyone can be a recycler!" - "Help us help you, by cleaning your plastics before putting them into the containers" - and so forth.)
(Signage: Simple directions for how / what / which container, and a LOT of Precious Plastic / CRX Hub promotional material will help get us known and trusted.)

I think I can help with smaller sized containers. (The downside of which is that being small they'd need to be cleared daily.) These can become collection containers by cutting them into open bins, transport by washing them out and keeping them whole, or even shredded and sold as a plastic raw stock. 

The point is that we need space, a way to clean the raw plastics, and permission to put out collection points - and then collect them, religiously, move them to the cleaning facility (we do need a place for this) and maybe shred, wash, dry, and sell the product.

A shredding machine isn't too hard to obtain - we could possibly even run a campaign to get donations for one - and our upstream hubs could even build it for us if we buiy the materials. A plastic washer - ditto.It just needs a few community donations - and guess what? In those fast food oil containers, we also have an ideal place to collect donations. . . 

So these few requirements would allow us to make a good start on taming some of our plastic waste, having a product we could pass on the a Hub that can make use of it, and create some public goodwill and recognition.

The next step - A manufacturing hub.