This set of pages is for RCX-AU information

In these pages I hope to inform you what RCX-AU is and to interest you enough to join (which is free BTW) and help to grow it to a worldwide presence and operation.

First Things

This is a temporary site for RCX-AU because at the moment it's just me and a small number of people who are just starting this. It lacks anything more than a general direction, a fairly specific mission statement, and a few machines I've bought to experiment at home. 

It doesn't even have a proper website or domain yet although this is in progress. So for the moment it's piggybacked onto my hobby 3D printing website which in turn is hosted on my coronavirus blog. I'm busy trying to make some money online (through blogging, Google Ads, affiliate links, sponsorships both direct and for article mentions, and any other way I can think of, but it's slow going. 

As ptec3d I have a blog for this whole.. .. - whatever-it-is, - and I link there to articles about recycling, plastic recycling technology, using 3D printing to aid plastic recycling, and then also the logical next steps of working with waste materials other than just plastics, such as metal, paper/cardboard, fibre/textiles, glass, and even e-waste. 

I'll try and keep it brief but I have to say that it'll be difficult and also that many of my objectives are yet to be defined. 

The RCX-AU Concepts

I had a few objectives in mind for this operation: 

  1. It had to make a real-world difference to waste streams.
  2. It had to raise the profile of waste management/recycling in a positive way.
  3. It had to be widespread and operate at grass-roots level.
  4. It had to be achievable by cottage industry type technology.
  5. It had to freely share all the experience and knowledge both to the group and to the public.
  6. It had to eventually provide an income to affiliates/members.

That was what I started with, and that's where it still is until there's a few people behind it to start setting directions and deciding what to tackle.

I've made some small recycling progress and am in the process of making that into instructions and how-to articles but this isn't the place to share those things, it'll have to wait for the official website and domain.

I'll start off here by mentioning that there's a Discord server set up for discussions and contact, and I urge you to join it. Also, there are links to the right for subscribing to newsletters (all my sites that are hopefully going to finance this project, and all kinds of topics related to the recycling / sustainability / energy / pollution which issues this project touches upon) and finding other activities that relate to RCX-AU.

How I'm Doing It

I have - quite a few ... - blogs some of which have been going for twenty years or longer and I've monetised them with Google Ads and affiliate links and am accepting sponsorships and donations. Any money goes first to keeping the lights on for RCX-AU, then for paying for things like a new domain name and web server, parts and materials for developing the easy machines for recycling, and lastly to repay me the thousands of dollars (quite literally, I've added it up) that I've already ploughed into RCX-AU since inception. 

I even put some of my 3D printed items up for sale to raise money for this but it needs exposure to a larger audience.

And I'm looking for sponsors and donors to help bring this about, and most of all I'm hoping for a few people like you to get involved and help come up with ideas for a structure, proper mission statement, etc. 

How You Can Help

If you can direct people to this page, or to the Discord server, or to any of my blog posts, that will all raise traffic to those sites. That will start producing an income for RCX-AU and eventually repay me my starting capital.

All of which means I'll be able to do more and more, raise more interest and traffic, and eventually lead to a couple of real live operational sites that other people can see in action and use that to start more similar operations.


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Discord RCX Invite: 

Please consider contacting me on Discord if you want to know more, I'm not always on there but I check a few times a week until chatter there picks up. 

Go to the News Stand, there's a constantly-updated list there of latest posts, and mechanisms for subscribing to a newsletter or getting a .OPML link for your newsreader if you have one. (And there's information on getting and setting up newsreaders if you want to find out more!)

Also consider donating or using my affiliate links on the blogs to buy things, it doesn't cost you any more but it means the relevant company pays me a small commission.