How Did I Get The Idea?

It's been about 30-40 years forming, most strongly in the last 10 years or so, and that's also about when I came across Precious Plastic / One Army on Youtube and then their websites. The originator of those organisations had started a recycling - thing - at that stage it was just a thesis project to recycle plastic. But as the years went on, they grew and took on a life of their own. 

And it occurred to me that everything has accelerated - websites gain traction faster now than ever before, memes blossom, mature, and wither in weeks. I should be able to get a slightly different approach to the problem up and running in a matter of weeks, then have it spread around the world, and then pass into history.

Along the way though I hoped it would get people talking about waste and recycling, get them actually recycling and realising it's easy to do on a tiny to small scale, and direct the world conscious attention towards these goals. It's late, but that's still better than never, and any effort is better than no effort at all. 

(If you followed that link above you'd have found localised versions of Precious Plastic and One Army and that's a great direction but each of those exists as a separate 'thing' and it's *almost* what I imagine can happen. They still have a set of core websites too that you'll find in the descriptions of the videos and are well worth looking into for a LOT more background info.)

The 30 - 40 years before this decade I'd been watching the steady increase in the amount of rubbish a household produced, to the point we're at now, and I felt uneasy even before then when I was still a teenager (What? I'm OLD) and our little town had a 'local rubbish tip' that was just a spot in a creekbed where once every month or two people brought their bin of refuse and I saw the effect of the oils and detergents and stuff leaching out.

Anyway - a long time for something to be cooking along underneath the conscious thoughts... Sometimes, even right in the conscious thoughts. 

The Profile Of A Recycler Needs To Change

That was the first barrier I saw. If you ever saw an episode of Steptoe & Son, you'll know the Uriah Heep-like image of an 'ever so 'umble' grotty bloke scavenging and living in a junkpile has stuck around. And back then the 'scavengers' were a bit third or fourth class citizens, pushed down there because apparently they needed to forage in refuse to make a living.

And we weren't doing them any more favours when we shifted recycling offshore to poor third world countries and portrayed those people doing the recycling there, in abject poverty and living a fairly lowly life. . . 

We're still not there, quite. Governments seem bemused by people that want to start recycling. Communities still look down on the people at their Waste Transfer Station. It isn't a glorious job with a bright future. 

Yet . . .

The 'dissemination of information about recycling' I'd like RCX-AU to do is aimed at a) making people aware of the enormity of the waste problem, b) the ease with which one of their community is able to recycle some of that waste stream and c) why aren't the big corporations doing this? And hopefully d) where can I get involved?

That should raise the profile of recycling and start making people want to work in one of the industries that's going to save the planet.

The Profile Of Recycling Needs To Change

Same thing, but also I'm hoping RCX-AU will give people cause to pressure their governments to end digging up new materials and petrochemicals to make virgin plastics when there's a wealth of material that they really need and that they just need to invest some of their wealth to recover and re-use. 

I'm hoping RCX-AU will apply political pressure wherever it takes hold. By meme or by petitions, by news and by satire. Whatever works and is legal. 

Recycling Needs To Become Simpler

At the moment people have this idea that recycling is difficult to do, and that too needs to change. By showing how an old toaster oven or sandwich maker can produce immediate results, it should be possible to generate interest. And once you have interest, there's be interest in doing more. 

So development of inexpensive and simple means to recycle are necessary. That's where R&D comes in. 



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