RCXa - The Side Notes

Here are some of the wackier ideas, stuff more out there than just recycling plastics. Here, I'm delving into the stuff that we can also do - that we must do - that will bring a bit of balance back to our relationship with our planet.

RCXa1 - I'll start with energy and our relationship to it.

RCXa2 - Water and our relationship to it.

RCXa3 - Agriculture

RCXa4 - Resources

RCXa5 - Wastes

RCXa6 - Syntheses Synergies and Symbioses

RCXa7 - Finally - Why?

I can tell you that RCXa7 will be a bit scary, and I can tell you that this whole RCXa section is a work in progress and will be for a looong time because I'm juggling way too much (until a few people contact me and volunteer to help out, hinthint!) and my writing has to wait to fit in with everything else. Finally I'm going to tell you that a page RCXa8 also exists and I'd love for you to start there and see what happens...