Transport, Energy, And Us

The next page deals with personal transport and how it might work. Here, I'd just like to explore a few things that deal with mass transit transport, cargo transport, and micro transport. (Not much on the radar yet but due to the staggeringly HUGE volumes of parcels needing delivery since COVID made shopping from home a much bigger market than it has ever been at any time in the past, most courier, delivery, and postal services have been under increasing stress, deliveries have been delayed by weeks sometimes, and something had to give. Small robotic delivery vehicles has consequently been given a big boost in research, manufacture, and sales.)

So let's start from microtransport then. Amazon first mooted the idea of drones for deliveries some time ago in 2012 / 2013, and is (possibly, finally) going to market with their Amazon Prime drone delivery system Mk27. What happened in the intervening 8-9 years? Well, the system had to be revised, certifications and regulations met, and more regulations created to account for the new system. Legislation will always lag behind technology and certification processes will generally not take account of future developments. Here's a brief "why" I threw together.